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A home away from home


Having fun with friends

Infant Care

Care for infants & toddlers

Helping your child develop and learn through creativity.

We introduce essential skills to your little ones such as being kind to others, learning to share and taking turns, all while having lots of fun!

✔️    Our job is to make your job easier.

✔️    Experience childcare as it should be.

✔️    Daycare is great... kids make it special.

✔️    We are childcare professionals.

Growing Families

We strive to make childcare as seamless as possible between your home and ours.

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Pricing and Services

We provide Part-time and Full-time care with our variety of services.

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Quality care team members


Passionate about childcare and what it means to all the families that have joined.


Adored by all, she brings wisdom and kindness to the daycare.

Last-minute Request

Last-minute request are welcome, however it's strongly recommended to give yourself at least six months before childcare begins. It increases your odds of securing a spot. Give us a call if you are interested -- sooner the better.